whitebeam studio jewelry

Try to store your Whitebeam Studio jewelry individually in a jewelry box to avoid pieces scratching one another, preferably in airtight bags to reduce contact with air, as this accelerates tarnish in silver and brass. Never use ‘silver dip’ on any of our jewelry.

caring for your stainless steel jewelry

Stainless steel doesn't tarnish or discolor and is also hypoallergenic.


Stainless steel jewelry couldn’t be easier to care for.
Clean in lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid using a soft toothbrush, rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft clean cloth.
To remove grease and marks we recommend a microfiber cleaning cloth - at the Whitebeam studio we use ‘e-cloth’ brand microfiber stainless steel cleaning cloths [available at and] - check the correct side of the cloth to use on satin finish steel.
Steel neckpieces with silver chains and neckwires should be cleaned in warm water and dishwashing liquid, as steel, but avoid all silver cleaning products.

caring for your sterling silver jewelry

Try not to expose your silver jewelry to household cleaners and perfumes as these can cause damage and discolor the surface.
Try not to knock, scratch or place in direct contact with hard or abrasive surfaces.


Clean silver jewelry in lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid using a soft toothbrush [don’t use a brush of any kind on oxidised silver as the surface patina can be damaged]. Rinse under running water and dry with a soft clean cloth. Silver can tarnish over time, remove this with a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth. If heavily tarnished we recommend ‘Town Talk’ silver polish and polishing cloth. Never use ‘silver dip’ on our jewelry.

silver finishes

gold vermeil and gold plating

Avoid wearing gold plated jewelry when swimming or in the bath.
Remove rings before applying hand cream as moisturizers can affect the longevity of gold vermeil.
Allow perfume to dry before putting on gold plated jewelry.

satin/matt silver

Smooth, non-shiny surfaces may become more polished over time.

polished silver

Polished silver will take on subtle surface marks with wear.

oxidised silver

The black surface patina is susceptible to damage by contact with other jewelry or vigorous cleaning.
Don’t use a brush of any kind on oxidised silver as the surface patina can be damaged.