stainless steel

Long recognized in modern architecture as a versatile finishing material due to its durable sheen and structural integrity [notably forming the spire of the Chrysler building in Manhattan], this industrial material is seen in a revised context in Whitebeam’s sculpted pieces that are resistant to tarnish, rust and oxidization. Our signature flexible steel neckwires are designed to gently flex in response to the shape and weight of the pendant.

sterling silver

We use sterling silver, also referred to as silver 925, for all our silver jewelry. Our signature flexible neckwires (or neckrings) are designed to gently flex in response to the shape and weight of the pendant, and various neckpieces feature our own silver ‘circle and bar’ or ‘hook and tab’ closure, some fastening at the front as an integral part of the design. Sterling silver has a softly reflective quality that develops a subtle patina over time.

whitebeam porcelain

The origin of our creamy white porcelain is English kaolin, sculpted by hand without the use of moulds. Kiln temperatures as high as 2500F and hand sanding between each firing create a unique form that is an organic response to the firing process. The result is a delicate but strong porcelain bordering on glass, no two the same. As a natural product the surface will have subtle speckling and tiny imperfections that give each piece its unique character.