Brushstroke designs evoke filtered light at the turn of the day, on narrow column vases each unique in shape. Turn the vase around for the cool blues of dusk or the dappled sun at dawn. Beautiful individually or combine to create a sculptural group. Flowers strictly optional!

From our Brooklyn studio overlooking the East River and lower Manhattan skyline we view the theatrical scene shift from day to night as translucent skies and stark shadows are replaced almost instantly by a million lights reflected in the water. The contrast with the gentle fade from dusk to nightfall in England led us to make Dusk to Dawn, reflecting on the half light of a summer evening or an early spring morning.

The artwork for Dusk Dawn ceramics originates in color studies combining handmade paint made from natural pigment with organic dyes from plants and berries. We work with a small pottery in Staffordshire northern England where the design is silkscreened by hand onto fine bone china vases and rectangular platters.

Whitebeam Studio Dusk to Dawn

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