Limited edition prints exploring contrast in geometric & organic form, clarity & opacity, turbulance & calm. The original color studies are made by combining handmade paint with found rock, earth and indigenous flora. These organic materials interact with pure pigment to add the granular texture and fusions of color that give each piece its unique character. Some serene, others ecliptic.

The first prints were a creative accident when the East River in New York froze, depositing shards of mineral rich silt on its banks as the ice melted. Color experiments with this found material and natural paint created an intriguing synthesis of tone and texture.

Limited editions from these color studies are printed in-house using archival inks on acid free 100% cotton rag paper to conserve the texture and depth of the original artwork. Display your museum quality print individually - or in multiples where colors appear to flow between the prints, their circular form forever on the point of movement.

Working between studios in Brooklyn New York and Clerkenwell London we collect local organic material so new prints are colored by the cities in which they are made. We continue to document road trips across contrasting landscapes, recording journeys through drawing and photography and discovering local plants, berries and rock samples from which new Eclipse editions originate.

In the latest series the Eclipse map has widened to include the colors of North America / California / New York / Southern States, Canada, and British Isles / England / Scotland / Ireland. Samples are ethically sourced, nothing is removed from national parks, specimens are minute and do not impact the environment or ecosystem.

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