Alternative jewelry for whatever life throws your way. New skill sets for 2021 - find your inner photographer, architect, carpenter, painter, archaeologist, sculptor, designer, chef…

The fine two dimensional design allows several pendants to be worn together, shapes complementing one another. Worn individually some designs have a sculptural quality, others have a special meaning for the wearer. Unleash all sides of your creativity - or give a truly personal gift.

Our creative director Holly is a sculptor - Toolbox originated in drawings made of her metalworking tools followed by jewelry making equipment from the Whitebeam studio. Now drawn from many sources - museum collections, Japanese tools, early photographs, the final design is redrawn with a two dimensional profile and meticulously detailed, then made by hand at the Whitebeam studio.

Sets of two or three pendants come with a snake chain and miniature toolbox, single pendants with a snake chain in a jewelry pouch. All orders are packaged in our 100% recycled black Kraft tube. Our stainless steel is at least 60% recycled and 100% recyclable. Whitebeam Toolbox is also available at The Design Museum in London and Guggenheim Museum New York.

© whitebeam studio

© whitebeam studio

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