ECLIPSE 3|XIV card to keep


Eclipse 3 XIV card
Eclipse 3 XVI card
Eclipse 3 XVII card
Eclipse 3 XIII card
Eclipse 3 XV card


An Eclipse print corner-mounted on a greeting/note card, easily removed for framing. A lasting gift in place of a traditional card.

The original color studies are made by combining handmade paint with found rock, earth and indigenous flora. Printing on 100% cotton paper used for our limited edition prints conserves the texture and depth of the original artwork. For more on how the prints are made, visit our Eclipse page.

Archival pigment print 15x15cm / 6x6” on 350gsm 100% cotton acid free paper.
Mounted on an acid free folded card, light grey, 17x17cm / 7x7”, inside blank, with envelope and Eclipse seal.

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