ECLIPSE 3|XVI limited edition print




A limited edition print made from an original color study combining handmade paint with found rock, earth and indigenous flora. These organic materials interact with pure pigment to add the granular texture and fusion of colors that give each piece its unique character. For more on how the prints are made visit our Eclipse page.

Display your museum quality print individually - or in multiples where colors appear to flow between the prints, their circular form forever on the point of movement.

S  28x22cm / 11x8.5" - edition of 250
☐ M  33x33cm / 13x13” - edition of 75
☐ L  43x43cm / 17x17” - edition of 75
☐ XL  76x76cm / 30x30” - made to order, allow 2 weeks

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Colors may vary on different devices
For commissions and custom sizes, contact us

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