Union 1 plate
Union 2 plate
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Union 4 plate
Union 5 plate
Union 6 plate
Union 7 large plate
Union set 01
Union set 02


A side/salad plate in English fine bone china from our Union collection tracing the story of ‘&’, representing partnership, collaboration and coming together - union.
Add our Union serving plate and white tableware or display on the wall.

Union 1 depicts the first recorded ampersand - graffiti found carved in a wall in Pompeii 79AD, and 4th century Roman script.

From Pompeii graffiti 2000 years ago to today, the Union collection tells the story of ‘&’, a mark that evolved from the Latin ‘et’. The design of each plate reflects its place in our timeline to create unique pieces that also come together beautifully as a set.
For more on the story of Union visit the Union page.

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